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Introducing Specialty Streetscape Products from Hall Signs!

Posted by Hall Signs on 2/15/2017
Hall Signs is pleased to announce that we are now offering Specialty Streetscape products, including Decorative Street Sign Brackets, Post Finials and Sign Posts, Ornamental Post Bases and more.

Coming Soon: Enhanced Traffic Products

Posted by Hall Signs on 4/15/2016 to News
Traffic sign visibility is critical at all times, especially during inclement weather or in low light situations. In order to appear bright at night, signs must have retroreflective surfaces so that the light striking them from vehicle headlights is reflected back to driver's eyes. Hall Signs manufactures traffic signs with innovative reflective materials that provide excellent visibility for all types of signage, including the most critical.

American Short Line and Regional Railroad Association

Posted by Hall Signs on 3/30/2016 to News
Over the past 66 years Hall Signs has partnered with organizations across a wide range of industries to fulfill their need for quality products, delivered on-time and provided with exceptional customer service. Rail is among those industries we have had the privilege of working with, and Hall Signs is proud to announce that we are an associate member of the American Short Line and Regional Railroad Association (ASLRRA). 

Product Guide: RubberForm® Recycled Rubber Sign Base

Posted by Hall Signs on 3/16/2016 to Product Guides
Sign Stands are a budget-friendly installation option for temporary signage or display locations where a permanent installation isn't a practical solution: think parking lots and garages, schools and universities, crosswalks, shopping malls and plazas, grocery stores, hospitals, airports, construction sites, and polling places. Hall Signs carries several models to suit a variety of sign types and display needs, including the customer-favorite RubberForm® Recycled Rubber Sign Base.

New Year, New Catalog

Posted by Hall Signs on 3/2/2016 to News
It's a new year (we can still call it "new" two months in, can't we?) and along with the change of the calendar comes a refresh of our product catalog, which we're now calling our Product Guide. Available in both online and print formats for the first time, this 100 page volume is packed with new products and information. Today we're going to walk you through some of our favorite features.

Sign Spotlight: W8-Series Weather Signs

Posted by Hall Signs on 3/27/2015 to Sign Spotlight
The calendar says it's Spring, but in many parts of the country the weather says differently. April showers and May flowers are just around the corner, and there are a variety of signs available to warn road users of the many conditions that accompany unusual weather.

Sign Spotlight: I-13 Emergency Notification Sign

Posted by Hall Signs on 2/27/2015 to Sign Spotlight
Learn more about the I-13 sign in the second installment in our Sign Solutions series.

Sign Spotlight: R7-203 Emergency Snow Route

Posted by Hall Signs on 1/30/2015 to Sign Spotlight
We're kicking off a new series for 2015 - Sign Spotlight - with a seasonally appropriate MUTCD sign.

Holiday Shutdown Update

Posted by Hall Signs on 12/15/2014 to News
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from Hall Signs!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Posted by Hall Signs, Inc. on 11/24/2014 to News
Happy Thanksgiving from the Hall Signs family!

1MBB Sale

Posted by Hall Signs, Inc. on 11/19/2014 to News
Looking for an easy-to-install banner bracket solution? Look no further than our 1MBB One Man Banner Bracket, on sale for 50% off the regular price while supplies last!

New Product Alert: GPD-45 Multi-Pro™ Gas-Powered Post Driver

Posted by Hall Signs on 11/3/2014 to Product Guides

Sign Solutions: Bloomington High School North Bands

Posted by Hall Signs, Inc. on 10/27/2014 to Sign Solutions

Shop Update: New Work Zone Products

Posted by Hall Signs, Inc. on 10/20/2014 to News
Stop by our Work Zone product category to see our newest products: Safety Vests, Traffic Cones, and Roll-Up Stop/Slow Paddles!

Sign Solutions: Sturgis Garage

Posted by Hall Signs, Inc. on 10/10/2014 to Sign Solutions
Sign Solutions: Sturgis Garage
Our Sign Solutions series is back with a story about a sign we designed and manufactured for our new neighbor, Sturgis Garage.

New Product Alert: Colored Corrugated Plastic

Posted by Meghan Keleher on 9/15/2014 to News
Hall Signs' best-selling corrugated plastic blanks are now available in a full rainbow of colors for all your project needs.

Shop Update: Expanded Sign Blank Options

Posted by Hall Signs, Inc. on 9/1/2014 to News
Shop Update: Expanded Sign Blank Options
It's been awhile since our last blog, but for a good reason! We now have bare aluminum and reflective sign blanks in .040, .063, and .100 gauge thicknesses to meet all your project needs! Click through to learn more.

Expanded Custom Sign Offerings

Posted by Hall Signs, Inc. on 3/5/2014 to News
Hall Signs offers hundreds of standard signs, but we know that sometimes a custom solution is the best for the job. Read on for more on our recently expanded selection of "create-your-own" custom signs!

Need It Now?

Posted by Hall Signs on 2/26/2014 to News
Need it now? Let us help!

2014 Winter Shutdown

Posted by Hall Signs on 1/8/2014 to News
Our office was in the midst of the winter weather event that impacted most of the country earlier this week; for the safety of our employees, we opted not to open for business this week until today.

Happy New Year!

Posted by Hall Signs on 1/1/2014 to News
Happy New Year!

Sign Solutions: Custom Park Signs

Posted by Hall Signs on 10/30/2013 to Sign Solutions
This week, in "Sign Solutions" - Custom Park signs!

Know Your Retro: Fluorescent Yellow Green for School Zones

Posted by Hall Signs on 10/11/2013 to Product Guides
The FHWA, or Federal Highway Administration, has assigned a set of colors to traffic signs that relate to their use. How did they decide upon a use for Fluorescent Yellow Green? Read on to find out! Fall Refresh: Quick Categories!

Posted by Hall Signs on 10/4/2013 to News
It's been awhile since our last blog post - click through to learn more about what we've been up to!

Aid to Navigation Markers

Posted by Hall Signs on 8/1/2013 to Product Guides
Our roads use a system of signs to safely guide traffic from point a to point b, but did you know that our waterways use one as well?
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