Looking for an easy-to-install banner bracket solution? Look no further than our 1MBB One Man Banner Bracket, on sale for $75 while supplies last!

The 1MBB kit is an easy-to-install all-in-one bracket solution that can be installed in just minutes by one man. The 1MBB is a single- or double-banner mount with lightly flexible black fiberglass arms to aid in reducing wind load on your banners. The 1MBB features a cast aluminum bracket piece that mounts to any post with the included Snap-Lock Assemblies, bolts* or stainless steel banding*. Fasten the included cable ties through the eyelets on the banners for additional security.

Each 1MBB kit includes:

• 2 - aluminum bracket assemblies
• 2 - 65" black fiberglass rods
• 8 - 5/16" x 2" hex head bolts
• 8 - 5/16" lock washers
• 8 - 5/16" hex nuts
• 4 - Snap Lock Assemblies
• 4 - zip ties (to secure banner to bracket) 

The 1MBB is in stock and ready to ship - while supplies last!

Black powder-coated bracket kit shown and available upon request. *Custom hardware options not included in the kit as priced.