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How many traffic signs do you obey during a typical morning commute? It may be hard to figure out an exact number, because traffic signs are everywhere - they are the primary traffic control device on the road and are specifically designed to promote highway safety and efficiency.

Would it surprise you to learn that waterways use similar "traffic control" devices? Buoys and signs are the "traffic signals" that guide vessel operators safely along navigable waterways. These signs, known as Aid to Navigation Markers (AToN), also identify dangerous areas and give directions and information. There are two types of navigation aids: lateral and non-lateral markers.

Lateral markers are used to mark the boundaries of safe water areas and consist of shapes in combinations of numbers and colors. Lateral markers can be stand-alone signs, or symbols applied to buoys.

Non-lateral markers are navigational aids that convey other information like regulations and warnings. The most common designs have orange symbols and black lettering on white backgrounds, like the signs shown above.

Our traffic signs are made of heavy duty aluminum and reflective materials for durability and visibility, and our line of AToN markers is no different. We offer several common sizes here on our site, but can customize any size, color or legend that may be needed. Check out our selection or give us a call for more information!

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