At Hall Signs, we're proud to say we offer our own exclusive line of high quality sign brackets. We work directly with engineers to ensure that the brackets we develop are of the best quality for holding signs. And along with quality, we offer a wide variety of brackets. So wide, in fact, that choosing the right bracket can be a difficult process. Don't worry, though, we're here to help you sort out all the details.

Here are some things to consider when choosing a bracket for your sign.

If you're installing a sign on top of a post, look for the caps and the crosses. Caps are used to attach a sign directly to the top of a post, while crosses are for sign to sign attachments–the way you'd see street signs at intersection. 

We offer two separate sizes of caps and crosses. The 12" Ultra Supr-Lok models have three contact points for additional support. Also available are 5½" Supr-Lok models featuring two contact points.

Once you understand how to interpret the model numbers, choosing the right bracket will start to make more sense:
  • 12U/91U are brackets used on a square or u-channel post. We offer two varieties of these.
    • 90/OL90: these cut vertically though the flange of a u-channel post
    • 180/NU180: these cut "across" the flange of a u-channel post
  • 1238/922 are brackets used on round posts 2 3/8" in diameter
    • Use the #PAOD adapter on top of a 3" OD round post and attach the #922F/X bracket to the top.
  • 12-CR/990 are universal, 90-degree cross separate for any post cap.
  • 457 are 45-degree or 180-degree cross brackets.
    • These can be separated to create a diverse range of angles
    • Use for unique cross-street assemblies or for mounting specialty toppers.

And accompanying the numbers are F and X letter indicators. Look for F if you intend on using a "flat" sign blank. Otherwise, look for X if you're using an "extruded" sign blank.

  • Examples of "flat" model numbers: #12U-180F, #91UF-NU180, #12U-90F, #91UF-OL90, #1238F, #922F #12-CRF, #990F, #457F
  • Examples of "extruded" model numbers: #12U-180X, #91UX-NU180, #12U-90X, #91UX-OL90, #1238X, #922X #12-CRX, #990X, #457X
Now that you've learned about all the details of bracketology, you're ready to choose the right bracket for your sign. But no matter which one you choose, you can be sure that you are receiving one of the best bracket products on the market.