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Flexible Delineator Posts

Part Number: 6481
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Dual-Flex Fiberglass Delineator Post
Designed for use on trails and secondary roads. Dimensions: 3.95 W x varying length.

Flex-Tough Fiberglass Delineator Post
Designed to mark utility lines. Markers feature a thicker middle and pointed end for easier installation into hard soil surfaces. Dimensions: 3.84 W x varying length.

Hiway-Flex Fiberglass Delineator Post
Designed for use in areas with frequent vehicle impacts like interstate ramps. Half moon shape for improved impactability. Dimensions: 4 W x varying length.

Tri-Flex Fiberglass Delineator Post
Designed for use in a wide range of extreme temperature environments. Stiff enough to drive into hard soils but flexible enough to withstand repeated impacts. Dimensions: 3.69 Wx varying length.

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