If you have driven at night, especially in rural areas, chances are you've also had to negotiate a sudden curve in the road. These curves are usually marked with chevron signs along the edges to help drivers judge the degree of the curvature and better navigate through the stretch of road. Signs indicating a recommended slowing of speed may also be present. Yet, a large number of rural crashes occur on curves, and not just at night when visibility levels are already compromised.

Many agencies are working to improve safety in these areas, and are looking for a budget-conscious way to do so. A recent study by the Institute of Transportation at Iowa State University found that reflective post strips are an effective, low-cost solution to enhancing sign visibility in critical traffic situations. After extensive on-site testing, the team reported that reflective post strips were up to 50% more effective than on-pavement markings when used in combination with warning signs in high-crash horizontal curves.

Extended-View Post Reflectors are Hall Signs' exclusive solution for visibility enhancement in all traffic situations. Extended-View Post Reflectors are available in three grades of reflective sheeting, including High Intensity Prismatic and Diamond Grade™ DG3, and in all standard highway colors. Our kits include one 30" panel, are available with standard or tamper-resistant hardware, and are easy to install and maintain.

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