Whether you are ordering installation materials and hardware, sign blanks, or custom work, you need to be sure the quality of the products your'e ordering meet your high standards. That's why we focus on putting care and attention to detail into our packaging. We want to ensure that you receive your product in the same high quality condition that it left our warehouse. 

There are a lot of details that go into purchasing signs! We make sure our check list of details is addressed for every order.

For every order, we try to maintain a balance between the number of pieces in a carton, the total carton weight, and how that affects the shipping process. 

Our first priority is getting your items to you in mint condition, which means we will sometimes ship in more cartons. For example, finished signs and aluminum blanks are shipped in separate containers to prevent any damage that might occur during shipping. 

How We Package

Small and large signs and blanks are also packaged separately to avoid shifting during transit. We put a lot of focus into the little details, too. Painted Aluminum has what we call a “premask” material applied to both sides during the cutting process to prevent scratches. We leave this material on the pieces during the shipping process to continue to prevent scratching. Once the customer receives the blanks, they can gently remove this starting at one of the corners. 

Carefully Shipped

In addition, all finished signs are stacked face-to-face and metal-to-metal. Vinyl and Engineer Grade materials can stick together after the printing and application process so we use “slip sheeting” to keep the individual pieces separated. 

Double-sided signs have slip sheeting between every piece. However, High Intensity Prismatic and Diamond Grade signs can be placed face-to-face with no concern for scratching, so we elect to use less packaging material and do not use slip sheeting on these items. 

Boxing Everything Up

Oversize signs are boxed the same as the items mentioned above, and we put them on a skid so that they are transported flat the entire way. This requires that we ship LTL freight, and although that is more costly than shipping via UPS, it provides the safest transit for oversize signs. 

Installation items and components, though not quite as sensitive as signs, get the same level of packaging detail and care. Brackets are carefully boxed together with the hardware in a muslin bag. Smaller quantities get placed together; larger quantities are sorted by type: nuts, bolts, washers, etc. And lastly, posts are bound together with metal banding so that they don’t slip and rub against each other. 

Whatever products you are ordering with Hall Signs, we can assure you your order will be processed with as much care as possible, even down to the packaging and shipping details.