Did you know that Sign Brackets and Hardware are among our best-selling products? It's true, and we have options for just about any installation situation. Save 15% on Sign Brackets and Hardware with code JUNE through June 30th, 2018!

Sign Brackets are used to affix signs to sign posts, utility poles and other surfaces in configurations not possible with basic bolts and nuts alone. Street Name Signs are most commonly installed using sign brackets, and Hall Signs stocks post-top caps and crosses and wing arm brackets to accommodate a variety of display preferences. For Traffic Signs, we stock a selection of unique brackets for affixing signs to utility poles and overhead mast arms and span wires. 

Our Supr-Lok and Ultra Supr-Lok series brackets are designed to display street name signs on top of U-Channel, Round or Square Posts; crosses display a second sign at a 90-degree angle above the first. Our 5 ½” Supr-Lok series brackets are ideal for smaller signs while 12” Ultra Supr-Lok models offer an additional set screw contact point for larger signs. In addition to the Supr-Lok and Ultra Supr-Lok series brackets Hall Signs stocks 4” x 4” wood post caps, and adjustable crosses that display signs at 45- or 180-degree angles. Street name signs brackets are available for Flat (F) and Extruded (X) street name signs.

Wing brackets are used to display signs perpendicular to and away from a sign post or mounting surface. Our best-selling #800 and #8 Metro Wing Brackets accommodate Flat or Extruded street name signs and are compatible with an optional extension arm that adds stability for longer sign installations. Our #4 Wing Bracket is the perfect partner for 911 Address Signs and our K-Series Brackets pair exclusively with Extruded street name signs.

Our bracket solutions for Traffic Signs include Round Post and utility pole brackets like our Z238 and BB832 Interlocking Bracket Sets and the U-Bolt Clamp, which fasten securely around 2 3/8” round posts without unnecessary bolt holes. Bell Wing Brackets, which can be mounted to surfaces with bolts or stainless steel strapping, display traffic signs as a 90-degree angle to the post. Chevron Adjustable Brackets are designed to hold two signs at opposite angles from the post and are used to display Chevron Alignment (W1-8) or parking signs. For overhead mounting, the GR-80, COM77 and COM88 brackets affix to span wires and mast arms. 

Stainless Steel Strapping is used with special brackets on utility poles and other large-circumference mounting surfaces. In a basic installation the strapping material is fed through slots in the bracket “legs” and affixed with seals, clips or buckles. Special tools simplify the process. We carry strapping material in full 100’ and 200’ rolls; shorter pre-cuts are available for smaller jobs. Hall Signs also offers all-in-one solutions like our Snap Lock Assemblies, which can be installed with a basic screwdriver, and our BB7 Buckle Bracket Kits, which include the required brackets, hardware, strapping, and end pieces for mounting a single sign to a post between 4” and 12” in diameter. 

Hall Signs’ Sign Hardware selection includes parts for basic sign-to-post installations, as well as specialty pieces for unique installations. 

For a basic single-sign installation on a U-Channel Post we recommend using Zinc-Plated Steel Bolts and Nuts to attach the sign to the post; add a Nylon Washer between the bolt head and the sign face to protect the finish. If sign theft is a challenge, upgrade to our Vandal-Resistant options to protect your investment. Some pieces require special Installation Tools so be sure to check the product description for recommendations.

We recommend 3/8” Drive Rivets for Square Post installations since they allow the sign to sit flush against the post. Our kits include nylon washers for a snug fit and can be installed using just a basic hammer. Aluminum Sleeve and Mandrel Rivets are typically used with U-Channel Posts but can also be used to tack the ends of Street Name Signs together for back-to-back installation on square posts. Corner Bolts and Flanged Jam Nuts are used to connect the square top post to an anchor for a basic breakaway installation. 

Sign Savers are used to reinforce large signs at the bolt holes, but they can also be used to secure signs to chain link fencing with any bolt, nut and washer combination of your choice. Simply place the sign on one side of the fence and a Sign Saver on the opposite side, then bolt through both the sign and sign saver and secure with a nut.

Have questions about our Sign Bracket and Hardware options? Feel free to reach out to us by email, online chat, or leave us a comment below. Don't forget to use code JUNE at checkout to save 15% on Sign Brackets and Hardware through June 30th, 2018!

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