The FHWA, or Federal Highway Administration, has assigned a set of colors to traffic signs that relate to their use. Red is universally acknowledged as the color of "prohibition," specifically STOP, YIELD, and Do Not Enter signs. Signs with yellow backgrounds are used to warn of potential hazards in and on the roadway, and signs with orange backgrounds are an immediate signal to motorists, regardless of their message, that road construction is ahead. Drivers typically understand shapes and colors before words and symbols, making these visual cues crucial for minimizing conflicts on our nation's roadways.

In the early 90's the FHWA conducted a series of studies to determine if an as-of-yet unused color might improve motorist response in bicycle and pedestrian areas. The brightly colored signs used in these studies improved the conspicuity of the messages on the signs and motorists were able to recognize them from greater distances than standard yellow warning signs. Although the studies did not show a decrease in overall traffic speed in response to the signs, the greater response time provided by the bright color did increase awareness and help to minimize conflicts in areas where they were used. In 1998 this new color, Fluorescent Yellow Green (FYG), was approved and recommended for use on warning signs related to pedestrian, bicycle and school applications.

Pedestrian and bicycle conflicts account for roughly 15% of all traffic fatalities, which makes the need for these highly reflective materials even greater. Since Fluorescent Yellow Green was adopted as an alternate color for use in these special zones, physical fitness programs that promote walking and biking in communities (like Safe Routes to School) have increased exponentially. Pedestrians and bicyclists are well served by a unique color for traffic control devices that communicate the message of "share the road" to motorists.

Fluorescent Yellow Green is a Diamond Grade™ reflective material and is now the required background for all warning signs and supplement plaques in school zones, per the 2009 MUTCD. FYG material offers excellent visibility at dawn and dusk and during inclement weather. Hall Signs offers a variety of School signs in this material for your convenience, and can manufacture just about any of our signs with an FYG background or accents for enhanced visibility.