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We often refer our customers to the MUTCD when they have questions about sign requirements and specifications but we also understand that the 850+ page manual isn't exactly light reading. Unfortunately, we still get a lot of questions that we can't answer - typically because they fall outside the sphere of our sign-related knowledge - even after studying most of those 850+ pages!

For agencies that require a little more assistance in applying the Manual to their unique local settings and circumstances, the MUTCD Peer to Peer program on Traffic Control Devices (P2P TCD) is available to help. The program works to connect public sector transportation officials with expert volunteers that are able to provide guidance on specific technical issues, including planning signal placement at busy intersections and designing safe mid-block crosswalks.

Visit the MUTCD website to learn more about the program, download a handy brochure, and get in touch with a Program Coordinator. If you find that the P2P program isn't what you're looking for, the Discussion Area offers the opportunity to connect with other public sector transportation professionals in a message board format. More detailed questions can be sent directly to the MUTCD Team.

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