Our May Specials are here! Construction season is in full swing, so we're kicking off our busy season with a special on two of our best-selling products. Save 35% on our Ready to Ship 18" and 28" Traffic Cones with offer code MAY, now through May 31st!

Traffic Cones were invented a few years before Hall Signs was founded in 1949, although back then they were typically made of concrete. Today's traffic cones are designed to be highly visible and easily movable and are made of brightly colored, lightweight plastic or rubber. Traffic Cones can be used both indoors and out, for everything from setting up work zones and race courses, to blocking off areas restricted for paving, cleaning or painting, to blocking off space for festivals or special event parking.  

Hall Signs' 18" and 28" Traffic Cones are manufactured from 100% recyclable orange PVC with a 100% post industrial recycled black PVC base. Ready to Ship cones do not include reflective collars, but are ready to ship from our Bloomington, Indiana warehouse within 24 to 48 hours. In addition to the options on special this month, we also carry 4", 6" and 12" novelty cones, collapsible cones, and cones with reflective collars.

Don't forget to use offer code MAY to save 35% on our stock 18" and 28" Traffic Cones, now through May 31st!

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