Hall Signs is pleased to announce a new member of our post equipment family: the GPD-45 Multi-Pro™ Gas-Powered Post Driver.

The GPD-45 Multi-Pro™ is powered by a Honda 4-cycle engine and has been engineered with the increased driving dynamics needed to drive larger posts and the versatility to take on more post driving applications. The design includes ergonomically balanced cushioned grip handles, Rhino® CIS™ anti-vibration dampening, a Rhino Tension Grip™ crankcase cover for fast inspection and maintenance, and the Rhino® Chuck-Lok™ Adapter System that allows the operator to quickly install post adapters in the field, ranging in application from 1″ to 2-3/8″ round posts.

The GPD-45 Multi-Pro™ versatile external chuck design can be configured with optional chuck and anvil for driving 1.2-4 lb channel posts, tent stake chuck, concrete form pin chuck, or 1-3/4″ to 2-1/2″ square sign posts anchors with a drive cap. Hall Signs carries four different accessory kits to work with your GPD-45 Multi-Pro™ driver:

U-Channel Drive Kit: includes 301159 Channel Post Chuck and 301169 Channel Post Anvil.

Square Tube Drive Kit: includes 301171 Short Chuck Tube and one Square Drive Cap.

Municipality Kit: includes 301171 Short Chuck Tube, 300932 1 3/4" Square Anchor Drive Cap, 300933 2" Square Anchor Drive Cap, 300934 2 1/4" Square Anchor Drive Cap, 300935 2 1/2" Square Anchor Drive Cap, 301159 Channel Post Chuck, and 301169 Channel Post Anvil.

Service Kit: includes O-Ring Seals, 2 tubs of Rhino Grease and an Anvil O-Ring Cup.

We also carry the accessories individually if you prefer to purchase the parts separately or as needed; orders for individual accessory items may be placed with our customer service team by phone.