We talk to a lot of customers who need to install signage, whether permanent or temporary  and are unable to drive a post into the ground. For years we have offered the IN-81 Sign Pedestal Base, which is a lightweight, portable base that can be affixed to concrete or left free to move as needed.

Hall Signs is pleased to offer an update to the IN-81 Sign Base, the NEW IN-12 Sign Pedestal Base. The IN-12 is a lightweight aluminum sign base with a universal stub for use with u-channel, round and square posts; it offers the same basic design aesthetic as our 15” IN-81 Base, but with a 12” diameter for a more compact footprint.

The IN-12 kit includes hardware to attach the included replaceable stub to the base, as well as hardware to attach your post to the stub. Posts, signs, and hardware to attach your signs to the post are sold separately. Click here to download a product specification sheet, or give us a call for more information.