Southern Indiana and the greater Bloomington area is well-known for its beautiful fall foliage. Usually peaking in October, you can’t beat a hike around Brown County State Park or Hoosier National Forest, or even a drive through the scenic hills of State Road 46–no photograph or painting can do the colors justice. To try and keep up with the surrounding trees, we like to change the Hall Signs entrance banner seasonally.

A custom banner can be a great identifier for your business, providing a custom, creative, and easily changeable sign for just about any occasion. We now offer several different styles of specialty banners to fit our customers’ diverse needs:

Our vertical banners come in multiple sizes, and can be printed single or double-sided. The vibrant, full colors are perfect for drawing attention from traffic, pedestrians, or at your next special occasion. With our custom-manufactured "one-man banner" brackets, vertical banners are mounted securely to a single post. Using several posts can even let you create a series of connected messages, perfect for streetscapes and more.

With design templates that vary from branding, to messaging, to custom copy; you’re sure to find the right fit for your specialty banner needs. And if you need an even larger banner to make sure your sign is extra visible–our oversized vertical banners are ten-feet tall!

Fabricated from the same heavy-duty vinyl, our horizontal banners (also available double-sided) come with pockets and grommets for easy hanging from two posts. Choose from a wide selection of customizable designs, or create and submit your own! Oversized horizontal banners feature the same quality printing and materials–with ten feet of space to maximize your message’s visibility.

Since Hall Signs custom banners are so simple to display, and easy to maintain and change, you can even order several for flexibility in your custom messaging and branding. You don’t have to change with the seasons like us, but rotating for new sales, Holiday specials, or a series of events can help you keep current and stay colorful. Let our experts guide you through getting your custom design printed before the next season rolls around–it’ll be here before you know it!