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001   220 Volts Keep Away
002   440 Volts Keep Away
003   Acetylene
004   Acid
005   Alcoholic Beverages & Drugs Prohibited On This Property
006   All Injuries No Matter How Slight Must Be Reported to Supervisor
007   Asbestos Authorized Personnel Only
008   Asbestos Dust Hazard Respirators and Protective Clothing Required
009   Authorized Personnel Only
010   Be Alert Don’t Get Hurt
011   Be Careful
012   Blasting Area Radio Transmission Prohibited
013   Buried Cable
014   Carelessness Is Dangerous
015   Caustic
016   Chemical Waste Storage Area
017   Chlorine
018   Close Clearance
019   Closed Circuit TV Surveillance
020   Compressed Air
021   Contaminated Area
022   Crane Overhead
023   Cyanide
024   Deposit Waste Here
025   Do Not Block Door
026   Do Not Drink This Water
027   Do Not Enter Without Wearing Safety Glasses
028   Do Not Operate Within 10 ft. of Power Lines
029   Do Not Operate Without Goggles
030   Do Not Start Engine
031   Do Not Start This Engine
032   Do Not Walk Under Conveyor
033   Do Not Watch the Arc
034   Don’t Try To Lift More Than You Are Able
035   Don’t Watch Arc Welder at Work The Light Might Blind You
036   Dust Respirator Must Be Worn On This Job
037   Ear Protection Required
038   Ear Protection Required In This Area
039   Emergency Exit
040   Emergency Shower Eye Bath
041   Entrance
042   Entrance For Employees Only
043   Equipment Starts Automatically
044   Ethyl Mercaptan Flammable
045   Everyone Grinding Must Wear Goggles
046   Eye Protection Required
047   Eye Protection Required In This Area
048   Eyewash Fountain
049   Fire Regulations Require This Space to Be Clear At All Times
050   Flammable
041   Flammable Liquids
052   Floor Slippery When Wet
053   Gas
054   Gasoline
055   Hard Hat Area
056   Hard Hats and Safety Glasses Must Be Worn In This Area
057   Hard Hats Required In This Area
058   Hazardous Waste
059   Help Keep This Plant Safe and Clean
060   High Noise Level Area Wear Your Protector
061   High Pressure Gas Line
062   High Voltage
063   High Voltage Keep Away
064   High Voltage Keep Out
065   High Voltage Overhead
066   Hydrogen No Smoking No Open Flames
067   Infectious Waste Storage Area
068   Keep Aisles Clear
069   Keep Away
070   Keep Gate Closed
071   Keep Hands Clear Of Moving Machinery
072   Keep Off
073   Keep Out
074   Keep This Passageway Clear
075   Keep This Place Clean and Orderly
076   Laser
077   Low Head Room
078   LP Gas No Smoking
079   Medical Waste
080   Men Working On Line Don’t Throw Switch
081   Microwave Oven in Use
082   No Admittance without a Permit
083   No Alcoholic Beverages Allowed
084   No Food or Drinks Allowed
085   No Loafing or Loitering In This Office
086   No Smoking
087   No Smoking No Open Flames
088   No Smoking Oxygen in Use
089   No Smoking in This Area
090   No Smoking Matches or Open Flame
091   No Smoking Matches or Open Lights
092   No Smoking Under Penalty Of Dismissal
093   No Smoking Within 50 Feet
094   No Soliciting
095   No Trespassing On This Property Under Penalty Of Law
096   No Trespassing
097   No Vehicles Beyond This Point
098   Non Potable Water
099   Not Responsible For Personal Property In Case Of Fire or Theft
100   Our Aim No Accidents
101   Oxygen No Smoking No Open Flames
102   Place Cigarettes, Cigar Butts & Ashes in Receptacles
103   Please Turn Out Lights
104   Poison
105   Poison Gas
106   Positively No Admittance
107   Positively No Smoking
108   Posted No Hunting Fishing Trespassing
109   Propane
110   Propane Flammable
111   Put Things Back In Their Proper Places
112   Radiation Symbol Only
113   Radioactive Materials
114   Report All Accidents
115   Report All Accidents No Matter How Small
116   Report All Accidents No Matter How Small To Your Supervisor
117   Report All Unsafe Conditions to Your Supervisor
118   Restricted Area
119   Restricted Area No Smoking Any Time
120   Restroom
121   Rotating Equipment
122   Safety Glasses Safety Shoes and Hard Hats Required Beyond This Point
123   Safety Glasses Required In This Area
124   Soliciting and Posting Of Handbills Prohibited
125   Step Down
126   Step Up
127   Storage Area Flammable Material
128   Sulfuric Acid
129   The Safe Way Is the Best Way
130   The Use of Liquor on The Premises Will Me an Immediate Dismissal
131   There Is No Substitute for Safety
132   These Doors Must Be Kept Closed
133   This Elevator Is For Freight Only Not For Passengers
134   This Equipment Operates From Remote Control
135   This Equipment Starts and Stops Automatically
136   This Machine Must Not Be Operated Without Safety Guard in Position
137   This Machine Starts Automatically
138   This Property Protected By Security Patrol
139   This Unit Starts Automatically
140   Unauthorized Personnel Keep Out
141   Underground Cable
142   Use Hand Rail
143   Walk Don’t Run
144   Watch Your Step
145   Wear Gloves When Handling Acids or Caustics
146   Wear Goggles and Rubber Gloves When Handling Chemicals
147   Wear Goggles When Grinding
148   Wear Your Goggles
149   Wear Your Goggles While Using This Machine
150   Wet Floor
151   Wet Paint
152   Wheels Must Be Chocked Before Loading or Unloading