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PS18 Parking Lot Sign

Part Number: PS18
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In most states property owners are required to post towing signs clearly outlining the consequences for unauthorized parking. Not sure where to start? Your local government will have information available regarding the rules and regulations. Once you know exactly what's needed, you can rest assured that Hall Signs will manufactured your signs just as you requested them. Our are signs are designed to be customized to meet your needs.

Like all of our traffic and parking signs, Towing and Lot Management signs are manufactured from heavy-duty traffic grade aluminum, and available with two types of reflective materials for 24/7 visibility. Is vandalism a problem? Add overlay film to protect your signs and make graffiti clean-up a snap.

  • Retroreflective sign is visible day and night 
  • Durable, weather-resistant traffic grade aluminum 
  • Pre-punched with radiused corners and 3/8" mounting holes

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