Sign Stands are a budget-friendly installation option for temporary signage or display locations where a permanent installation isn't a practical solution: think parking lots and garages, schools and universities, crosswalks, shopping malls and plazas, grocery stores, hospitals, airports, construction sites, and polling places. Hall Signs carries several models to suit a variety of sign types and display needs, including the customer-favorite RubberForm® Recycled Rubber Sign Base.

The RubberForm® Recycled Rubber Sign Base is manufactured in the USA with 100% post consumer recycled tire rubber and features an aerodynamic, 18” x 14” cone-shaped design with a low center of gravity. Black rubber material is heavy but easy to move - just tip and roll - and virtually maintenance-free as it will not rust, chip, crack, crumble, corrode or need re-painting. This unique combination of design and materials withstands both high winds and severe weather.

The RubberForm® Recycled Rubber Sign Base features either a 2 3/8” diameter round or 1 3/4” square hole to accommodate plastic or aluminum sign posts. Models are available with posts included or without; for those with posts, choose between a 5' round PVC post or a 5' metal square post. Quantity discounts are available on purchases of five or more bases. The RubberForm® Recycled Rubber Sign Base can be custom-ordered online or through our customer service department, and require a one week lead-time for shipping. Order yours today!