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If you are looking for an item that you do not see available for sale on our website we are happy to provide you with pricing for your request. You may call us at 800-284-7446, fax the details to us at 812-332-9816 or email our Customer Service Department directly at customerservice@hallsigns.com.

If you prefer to use our form for your request, click here to download a PDF version. Here are some helpful tips for filling in the details on the form. Most refer to our finished products like signs, decals, banners, etc.

Contact Information

Customer, Contact, Phone, Fax, and Email Please let us know if you are requesting a quote on behalf of yourself or an organization, and how we can get in touch with you.

Shipping Information

Lead-Time We'll fill this in. The majority of our products are made to order, so this time refers to the production time required to complete an order for the quoted items.

FOB We'll fill this in. It stands for "Freight on Board" and refers to whether the prices include shipping to the Destination (D) or if shipping will be billed separately from the Ship Point (S).

Carrier Unless you require expedited delivery, we'll fill this in based upon the total weight and/or size of the quoted shipment. Hall Signs currently uses FedEx for small package service and LTL freight service.

Ship To If you would like us to include a shipping estimate as part of  your quote, we will need to know where the items need to be delivered.

Payment Information

Account If you're a current Hall Signs customer we'll fill this in, but if you happen to know your account number please feel free to include it!

Terms We'll fill this in, as it refers to the payment terms for the quote.

Credit Card, Expires and CVV2 If you plan to pay with a credit card, hold off on filling this out until we finalize your quote as an order.

Billing Feel free to fill this out with your billing address, if it's different from your shipping address.

Request Details

FOB We'll fill this in here as well!

QTY How many do you need?


W and H We refer to dimensions in inches and with the width (from left to right) first, followed by the height (from top to bottom).

Sign Details

Copy What color text would you like? If you need a specific Pantone color match, feel free to include the value here. If you are looking for more than one color, list one per line. Requesting a quote on sheeted, painted, or bare aluminum blanks? Put an X in the box.

Back What color background would you like? If you need a specific Pantone color match, feel free to include the value here. If you are looking for more than one color, list one per line. Requesting a quote on bare aluminum blanks? Put an X in the box.

Border Would you like a border on the sign? Let us know in this box by indicating "Edge" for a border that's flush with the edge of the sign, or "Inset" for a border that's just inside the edge of the sign. No border? No problem. Just put an X in the box for us, or write "None."

Sheeting This refers to the material on the front of the sign. We offer non-reflective commercial-grade vinyl as well as traffic-grade reflective Engineer Grade, High Intensity Prismatic, and Diamond Grade DG3. Requesting a quote on bare aluminum? Put an X in the box.


Aluminum is our most popular substrate and the majority of the signs we quote are on aluminum; however, we can use alternative materials like corrugated or polystyrene plastic. If you prefer one of these materials, please give us as much information about the specifications required. Alternatively, we can quote our standard materials.

Gauge The gauge refers to the thickness of the sign or sign blank. This applies to aluminum signs and blanks only. We carry .025", .040", .063", .080", .100" and .125".

Alloy In most cases the alloy of aluminum we use will be dependent on the gauge requested. .025" and .040" gauge materials are only available in 3003 alloy and .063" gauge material is only available in 3105 alloy. .080" gauge material is available in 3105 alloy and 5052 alloy, while .100" and .125" gauge materials are only available in 5052 alloy.

Radius Do you want the corners to be rounded or square? If you want the corners rounded we need to know what the measurement should be. If you want us to use our best judgement let us know. If you prefer square corners put an X in the box or write "None."

Holes Need holes? Let us know how many and what size here. Prefer that we use our best judgment instead? Our standard size is 3/8" and we typically punch two or four holes in the top and bottom of the sign depending on the overall size.

Code | Description

This is where you can describe to us what you're looking for. Here are some examples:

  • For a MUTCD regulatory sign: R1-1 Stop
  • For a sheeted blank: Single-Sided Sheeted Blanks
  • For bare aluminum: Alodized Aluminum Blanks

Please note that if you do not elect to use our form for your request, we request that you be as detailed as possible. If you are looking for a price on a sign, we will need to know the size, materials, and any special considerations such as copy color, graphics, etc. If  you send us a fax or email and the information provided is incomplete, we will contact you to confirm what is needed; however, your quote may be delayed.