Sign Brackets are used to affix signs to sign posts, utility poles and other surfaces in configurations not possible with basic bolts and nuts alone. Street Name Signs are most commonly installed using sign brackets, and Hall Signs stocks post-top caps and crosses and wing arm brackets to accommodate a variety of display preferences.

Hall Signs' Supr-Lok and Ultra Supr-Lok series brackets are designed to display street name signs on top of U-Channel, Round or Square Posts; crosses display a second sign at a 90-degree angle above the first. Our 5 1/2" Supr-Lok series brackets are ideal for smaller signs while 12" Ultra Supr-Lok models offer an additional set screw contact point for larger signs. Street Name Sign Brackets are available for Flat (F) and Extruded (X) street name signs.

Wing Brackets are used to display signs perpendicular to and away from a sign post or mounting surface. Our best-selling #800 and #8 Metro Wing Brackets accommodate Flat or Extruded Street Name Signs and are compatible with an optional Extension Arm that adds stability for longer sign installations. Our #4 Wing Bracket is the perfect partner for 911 Address Signs.

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