Did you miss our original post on the Supr-Lok™ and Ultra Supr-Lok™ bracket lines? Brush up on your "Bracketology" knowledge here.

As Mr. Hall has said, "We're over sixty years old and proud to admit our age." It's not just Hall Signs that's aging, though; millions of baby boomers will join the already growing group of motorists over "a certain age" that need larger, brighter signs to ensure safe response times. In response to this need, the 2009 MUTCD updated the specifications for many signs, including street name signs, to feature larger lettering and overall sign sizes.

We answer a lot of questions about these new street name sign specifications (so many in fact, that we have a blog post covering the basics) and along with that come questions about which brackets work best with larger signs. For many of our customers, meeting the new specifications means purchasing and installing signs that are upwards of 50% larger than what they had in use before. Our customers are concerned that their old brackets won't offer enough support for these larger signs.

Our Supr-Lok™ series brackets feature a 5.5" slot width and two set screw contact points.

Thankfully Hall Signs already had an eye on the industry trends and, in the early 2000's, developed a product with those larger signs in mind. Our original Supr-Lok™ bracket line has a 5 1/2" slot and features two points of contact in the slot for a secure hold on most street name sign sizes. Our Ultra Supr-Lok™ bracket line feature a 12" slot and three points of contact for a more secure hold than the original Supr-Lok™ models.

Our Ultra Supr-Lok™ series brackets feature a 12" slot width and three set screw contact points.

Simply put, we do believe that larger signs require a larger bracket, and recommend that your old brackets be upgraded along with your signs. We're happy to walk you through the various models we carry; brackets are available singly or in full boxes.