We love working on unique projects that allow us to use our problem solving and design skills, but we also love the act of simply translating a client's vision into a finished product. These larger than life mascots were commissioned by Floyd Central High School in Indiana as decorative pieces for their playing fields and the surrounding buildings.

Using the school's artwork, we created six foot and eight foot tall "Highlanders" out of lightweight aluminum and reflective Engineer Grade sheeting. The pieces were digitally printed to capture every detail and then cut to shape with our state of the art equipment. The school installed the mascots on site, and kindly obliged us with a few photos. 

At left: Mike in our Sign Shop poses with a Highlander during production. At right: the Highlanders find a home at Floyd Central High School. (Images courtesy of Floyd Central High School.)

We think the Highlanders look right at home in their new surroundings, don't you?