Join us for the first in our "Sign Solutions" series, where we highlight projects that solved a unique challenge or problem. Up first, our business sign for Lloyd Law, LLC.

We love working on unique projects, especially when they give us the chance to do some problem solving. Earlier this year we were approached by a Lloyd Law, LLC, a local law firm that was having some troubles with sign vandalism. After moving into their new office space in January of 2011, their business sign was vandalized and needed to be replaced two times within the span of a year. After the second instance they contacted us to discuss a stylish, but sturdier solution.

We had some ideas up our sleeve, but visited the location and talked with the client before jumping into any serious design work. After visiting the location, we sketched out an idea for a sturdy, framed sign design that brought in the firm's logo and colors as a focal point on the stylish front. The frame itself was constructed of aluminum pieces that were welded together in the shape of a large box, then carefully assembled to fit snugly into the existing post structure on-site. For additional stability we enclosed the back with another sturdy sheet of aluminum, with the added aesthetic bonus that the guts of our rock solid design were neatly tucked away.

We checked in with the folks at Lloyd Law, LLC before putting together this blog, and we're happy to report that the new sign has been vandalism-free since we installed it back in April!