Previously in our Sign Solutions series we tackled the challenge of creating a new, vandal-proof business sign for Lloyd Law, LLC and translated Floyd Central High School's vision for larger than life mascots into reality. Today we're spotlighting a recent project for Orchard Golf Center in Greenwood, Indiana.

We first began working with Orchard Golf because they were looking to have their old sign repaired. After visiting the site it was decided that new materials and a fresh design were the best options moving forward. We designed a simple aluminum cabinet-style sign with Engineer Grade reflective graphics for 24/7 visibility and added a graffiti-resistant overlay film to help protect the new sign and prolong the life of the design. The old sign was dismantled and removed and the new sign was assembled in its place, using some of the original structural elements.

At left: The partially dismantled old sign and wooden frame. At right: the new, completed sign.

The new sign - which uses traffic grade aluminum and reflective vinyl in a whole new way - is a low-maintenance, budget-friendly solution that will attract visitors to the golf center.