Learn more about MUTCD signs, their history, and their intended uses in our Sign Spotlight series! Today we're putting the I-13 Emergency Notification sign front and center.

Per the 2009 MUTCD, Emergency Notification (I-13) signs must be installed at all railroad crossings to provide information to road users so that they can notify the railroad company in the event that they encounter an emergency or malfunctioning traffic control device at the crossing. At a minimum the signs must include the USDOT grade crossing inventory number and an emergency contact number. Like all MUTCD signs, I-13 signs must be reflective for optimal visibility both day and night.

Unlike most MUTCD signs, the I-13 is quite small in comparison to the information it contains - typically 12" x 9" or 15" x 9" - but this is because the sign should only be large enough to provide the required information. Larger signs, especially when mounted with Grade Crossing (R15-1) "Crossbuck" signs or on signal masts, could obstruct the view of the more important traffic control device.

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