Learn more about MUTCD signs, their history, and their intended uses in our Sign Spotlight series! First up: the R7-203 Emergency Snow Route sign.

The winter season is officially upon us, and for many communities that means one thing: snow. Many people have positive associations with winter precipitation, among them building snow men and making snow angels, skiing and snowboarding, or simply watching a snow shower from the comfort of their homes. Yet for all of these positive associations there are some negative ones as well, specifically what winter precipitation does to our roadways. 

In order to assist with post-storm cleanup efforts, many communities impose special parking restrictions during heavy snowfall. Emergency Snow Route (R7-203) signs are used along the route to notify road users that they may not park in a certain area when the snowfall is over a certain amount. The legend will vary according to local regulations, but the design is nearly always a vertical rectangle with a white background and an upper red contrasting area. 

Looking to replace a snow route sign or two that have gone missing during the season? Let us help! Hall Signs manufactures the standard Snow Route sign shown here, as well as custom layouts to meet your local regulations. Give us a call or drop us an email to get started.