The calendar says it's Spring, but in many parts of the country the weather says differently. April showers and May flowers are just around the corner, and there are a variety of signs available to warn road users of the many conditions that accompany unusual weather. 

The Road May Flood (W8-18) sign is used to warn road users that a particular section of roadway is subject to frequent flooding. Add a Depth Gauge (W8-19) marker to the area, installed at the lowest point of the roadway, to indicate the depth of water in that area.

A Gusty Winds Area (W8-21) is used to warn road users that window gusts strong enough to impact the stability of vehicles with high centers of gravity - think trucks, R.V.'s and even SUV's - frequently occur. A Next XX Miles (W7-3aP) supplemental plaque can be added to the installation to indicate the length of roadway that experiences the conditions. 

The Fog Area (W8-22)sign may be used to warn road users that foggy conditions may reduce visibility along a section of highway. Add a W3-7aP plaque to indicate how long they might be able to expect such foggy conditions. 

Have a weather-related situation in your area not covered by one of these signs? Give us a call or browse our extensive selection of MUTCD Warning Signs. Hall Signs can also create custom legends for any situation.