On a long road-trip, looking out your window at highway signs is more than just a source of information. If you’re running low on gas, seeing a gas station logo can give you a feeling of instant relief. When you’re hungry, you might drive another hundred miles till you see your favorite quick food stop, or to find that specific sandwich you crave. Kids even make up backseat games based on spotting different highway signs along with other vehicles on the road. 

Those informational signs are known as Specific Service Signs; they provide information about businesses, amenities, and other travel services that let highway users know what’s off the next exit ramp. Even in the age of smartphones, specific service signs play a useful role in navigating around the country, providing real-time information to all highway traffic. There are several different types of specific service signs, categorized based on their location:

  • Mainline – located on the highway preceding the intersection where amenities are located.
  • Ramp – located at the end of an exit ramp, these signs also indicate the direction of businesses and amenities.
  • Trailblazing – provides additional directions on intersecting roads to help travelers navigate to a location.
  • Business Panels – the smaller signs on specific service signs. These may feature a logo, business name, trademark, or supplemental informative message.

Interested in specific service signs for your business or community? Since most highway signs are governed by state highway departments, the first step is contacting your local agency. Requirements for signing policies vary state-to-state, and additional guidelines to help in your planning process can be found in the MUTCD.

Once you’re through the application process, contact the Hall Signs team for your production needs. Like all of our high-quality products, our specific service signs are made-to-order by our experienced team, ensuring that the final product meets up to your–and our–high standards. Start planning now to create better roads–and better road-trip memories–for all travelers in your area.